Monday, September 7, 2009

My new Kitchen...soon to be:)

I contacted Layla over at The Lettered Cottage before I even moved into my house to help me redesign my kitchen. It was very 80's and I need to move it into the current century with a timeless classic look. I'm so excited about her sketch and suggestions.

This will be the new look:

Major things on my to do list:

Scraping the popcorn ceiling...should be fun:)

Painting the walls a soft cream color

Adding bead board wallpaper as my back splash...painted white

Adding cute plates to the soffit area at the top

Changing the light above the sink

Adding hardware to the doors

Changing the fluorescent light in the middle of the kitchen

My fave...the counter tops! I'm going with a cream-ish color corian with an under mount sink!

The thing I'm most scared and unsure about: the cabinets...Layla suggests painting them a warm, dusty brown to take out the orangey-ness of the current wood tone. I agree. I would love a warmed up space. And I like the idea of them still looking light wood b/c painting them cream would just be too much cream/white in the house. But I've never painted cabinets and of course the thought of it is scary. But her drawing is precious...if I could get it to look just like that I'd feel good about it.

These are some of the before pic's I sent to her:

see the antique appliances!
see how orange the cabinets look...

These are some improvements I've already made:
The chandelier and curtains in the nook area

My new white appliances. I know she recommended I go with stainless but the fridge was a freebie from mom (thanks mom:)) and the stove and microwave were under $600 for both so I couldn't resist. I do love stainless and may consider going that direction in the future.


Angie said...

I am so sad...I have gotten so far behind on your blog! I lost a lot of addresses a while the kitchen plans. I painted my cabinets in my old house and it was AWFUL! But I think it will be gorgeous! Let me know if you need a buddy to help paint! I am a horrible painter...but I could keep you company! :)

Also, I had seen on one of those decorating shows that they actually make stainless overlay for colored appliances. Not sure of the price or the quality, but something to look into if you really wanted stainless.

Gotta keep reading and get caught up!

Blessings - Angie

Doro said...

Amazing improvement!! Now, your kitchen is looking fabulous... Great job!!

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