Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party

Halloween night proved one great, fun expectation I had from living in a sweet neighborhood...trick or treaters!!! I've always lived out in the "country" and we never had trick or treaters. I always thought living 'amongst people' would be so fun on Halloween night...and it really was! I had a little Halloween party at my house for mom, grandma, granny, Aunt Judy, and the kids. Hopefully it will become an annual event because Eddie and Ambre are building a house in the "country" beside mom and granny and the kids will need a place to trick or treat in the future. Eddie is braving being "Mr. Mom" this weekend while Ambre is away at a work conference. He did pretty good at getting them dressed and ready for Halloween on his own. We only had to help with a few final details! ha!

Some Details:

I made some Chili and grilled hot dogs for everyone

These cupcakes were DIVINE...if you need a great chocolate cupcake recipe you can find it here. Basically the secret is substituting orange juice for water in a basic chocolate cake mix box.
Other goodies

The stars of the party...Eddie is Frankenstein and Maddie is a Princess. Painting Eddie's face was an interesting experience. He did not want his face green and when he looked in the mirror to see the final product...he just cried and cried! It was hilarious!
And we're off!
They were a little unsure at first since this was their first real trick or treating experience. Mom had to carry Eddie to the door to get his candy. But after this first house they were pros!

Look at Eddie holding out his hand!
Maddie was good at looking for houses "with lights on".

After each house they said, "another one".

We got to probably 10-12 houses and they were ready to go home and show off their candy. It was also getting cool outside and Little Eddie fell in the street and got a boo boo on his hand...major trauma! But the funniest thing was at one house Eddie asked for a "sucker" and it sounded like "supper". I laughed and laughed thinking what those people must have thought. Poor little hungry boy is asking for supper on Halloween!

Here are a few of the trick or treaters that came to my door. Don't they look happy that I was taking their picture instead of giving them candy...they obviously don't know I have a blog to write!

The rest of the party participants...

Overall it was a very fun and productive night! Hope you had a good one!

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Jill said...

Looks like a fun Halloween. I love, love your cupcake stand. The ribbon is a nice touch.

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