Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yard of the Month!

Each month my neighborhood association acknowledges one home for "Yard of the Month" and this I was October's Yard of the Month! When they came to put the sign in my yard and tell me I just laughed and laughed because it was only a few short months ago...(July) that I touched a lawn mower for the first time! So to think that I was yard of the month was just funny! I will say that I've absolutely worked my hiney off in this yard since I've been here! The previous owners spent A LOT of money on landscaping and put in a lot of shrubs, bushes, and plants that had been really unkept for years. So I've spent a lot of time trimming, replanting, and taking out old, overgrown things. It really does look a lot better than it did before I moved so I think the neighborhood association was just so glad to have someone move in that actually took care of the yard. And the best part...I get $50!!

See my beautiful mailbox! My uncle installed it last weekend. The previous one was literally falling over and being held up by large stones. This one is gorgeous!

I've had to pick up/dig up each of these landscaping stones and literally replace them because they were all crooked and backwards. That was a J-O-B!
I can't wait til spring to mow down that monkey grass and thin it out!

And now my home improvement project...

Do you like my pink tools?
My bathrooms have the fabulous 1980's gold faucets and I'm slowly replacing them with silver. I actually figured out how to take the faucet handle off and replace the gold thing! I'm so proud!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Congrats Amy! Your yard looks great!

P.S. I have the exact same pink tool kit! :)

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