Sunday, December 13, 2009

Confessions of a Blog-aholic

I confess...I've been skipping church on Sunday mornings and I have to break this habit! I love church and have a great church that I became a member of a few years ago. But honestly it is so big, nobody knows if I am there or not. I've always been the faithful regular church attending southern girl, but in the last couple years I've fallen out of the habit for many reasons. But now that I'm a's mainly just laziness.

I enjoy waking up on Sunday morning to a freshly brewed pot o' coffee and starting my day with Meet the Press. It is my chance to catch up with any political news of the week...and I loved Tim Russert and now David Gregory is not so bad:) As I'm listening to that in the background I check my emails and begin to browse a few blogs. This is what gets me in blog turns to 10 which turns to 25...and at this point my morning has turned to two hours of mindless Internet surfing.

Hello, my name is Amy and I'm addicted to reading and surfing through blogs!

So this leads me to my question for you...when do you love to catch up on your favorite blogs? How long to you give yourself to look around? Do you post to your blog on a regular schedule? I'd love to hear from you because after the holidays I will be trying to give myself strict limits as part of my New Years Resolutions...which I'm sure will last a total of 3 days!

In the meantime, my dining room table...aka my office space, has turned into one big pile of work for me to do.

It drives me crazy! And to top it off, it is December 13th and I still have not mailed my Christmas cards!
Here they are waiting patiently amongst my bills and other random paperwork to be mailed. Today is the day...I will get this table cleaned off! It will be so freeing!


Shauna and MacLean said...

I am a single mom to my wonderful daughter from China who is now 11. I am a total BLOGaholic I am always checking many of them including yours. I love your new home it is just so very sweet. I am happy to say that I think it is ok to have something in your life that is addictive but won't ruin your life like some other addictions. I sometimes spend hours at night while watching tv and moved a small desk and chair into my living room so I could blog stalk and watch tv without my laptop on my lap. I have a comfortable chair and enjoy my time. Anyway happy blogging and feel free to pop over to my blog and check out what we have been up to. Take care Amy and Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

I know what you mean about being addicted to blogs. I try to read my favs everyday, Google Reader helps.

Thanks for reminding me... I need to mail my Christmas cards ASAP!

Hanne said...

As a single mom to two beautifull China-girls, I loooove cathing up on blogs when they have just been put to bed but not fallen a sleep yet (but they will be asleep before I´m done with reading blogs.) They like it too, because then I will be right next to their bedroom and they can hear me - and that makes me less guilty for the time spent by the computer....

Emily Doss said...

I find myself doing this too. Besides google reader I use a site called where you can bookmark things by topic- it puts a toolbar on your internet browser. I use that to bookmark blogs I want to go back to later. You can label them (recipies, crafts, decorating, adoption.) That way it doesn't clog up your regular bookmarks and you can go back to them when you do have time.

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