Sunday, December 13, 2009

a fun weekend

I had a very fun weekend which was a welcome end the emotionally difficult week I had. This weekend Eddie and Ambre moved into a new house and so I kept the kids on Friday night so they could have at least 24 hours to move without kids! You know how hard it is to move... and between us all we've moved three times this year! They moved from their house into an apartment and now into a house and I've moved into my house. I think we are all put for a while. Their house is very nice and I'll post pictures one day when all the boxes are unpacked.

So here is some of the fun I had with the kiddos...

I made a well balanced dinner...chicken, dressing, green beans, macaroni, and apples. I love these yellow "school trays" I found at Goodwill. I am going to get more because the kids think they are so fun to eat on and I tell them this is how big kids eat lunch at school.

Next, a little Martha Stewart craft time...we made puppets. They were easy and fun.

After bath time we watched The Polar Express. I cleaned up the kitchen and kept peaking in at them...they were entranced!
So cute!
After the movie we had story time. Neither one would let me finish a story...Madison insists on "reading" the books herself. Eddie just wanted to look at the pictures.
It took a while to get them settled in bed. They are not used to sleeping together and I definitely was not going to sleep with both of them in a full size bed! After I had kept checking on them and telling them to go to sleep I would hear them giggling in bed. One time I went in to see them both on the floor playing with my tea set. They think it is so fun! I think after this incident I threatened them enough that they went right to sleep! ha!
Saturday morning pancake breakfast

We added cupcake decorations and sprinkles to our pancakes!
Again, the yellow trays...I love them!

This was their first sleepover at my house and we had such a good time. I really enjoyed it and in the back of my mind was thinking...this is a little taste of what motherhood will look like to me. I think I'm ready!

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Jill said...

Sounds like a fun sleepover. I bet they LOVE hanging out with you.

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