Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,
I've been a really good girl and have been cooking like crazy this week! My little hands are practically blue from chopping so many vegetables, nuts, and cookies. In years past, you've been really nice to me and I hope that your kindness continues. In all of my cooking adventures, I've discovered I could really use a Hamilton Beach Food Processor under my tree this year. It would really help a lot and I would even include you on future soups or candies that come from my kitchen. I know soup would be a delicious thing in the North Pole! But, I'd really need this in order to make the very best for you. After all, you are Santa and you deserve the best!

The Hamilton Beach Food Processor can prep 10 cups of food! It has 2 speeds and 4 different functions! Did I tell you how I had to chop my Vanilla Wafers for the Coconut Orange Balls? In a blender! It wasn't very easy. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor would have been so much easier and faster! Just so you know if you bring me one on Christmas you are guaranteed to have a plate of all the goodies I made this week by my fireplace. And, I always leave a treat for the reindeer as well. If you don't have any in your workshop, I understand...but I have found this great online shop you can order from. CSN stores has practically everything you would ever need in order to make lots of men and women happy this year! While you are there, you could also get me something from the Rachael Ray Cookware line or my favorite the Le Creuset line.... but I don't mean to be greedy!

I know you are very busy as you get ready to start your 'round the world' trip. Be safe, Santa! And thanks in advance for my special present!
Love, Amy

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Angie said...

So...did you get paid for each time you mentioned Hamilton Beach Food Processor? Did you find one under your tree? I got a "Ninja Master Prep" Since I was planning on having to puree so much of my food...haven't pureed a thing...but hey! I have the Ninja at my ready!

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