Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Final day in China!!

we are preparing for departure in a few hours and boy are we ready!!!  i thought i'd post a few final pictures to tide you over until we are home! 

We went to a Japanese Restaurant inside our hotel on Monday night.  As usual, Molly was a big hit!  We literally had 3 waitresses/workers there watching us eat every bite as they admired Molly.  She gives onlookers absolutely no attention, not even the faintest smile!  It's so funny, but I hope she does warm up in time!  She has a great personality, but is very cautious around people especially all the Chinese women who come right up to her and want to touch her.  I just wonder what she is thinking as she look at them??

Last night we went to Lucy's for a final American feast.  Eddie and I had steak and Molly had spaghetti.  The girl can put away some food!  We haven't really come across anything she won't eat.  She is so used to Eddie constantly eating in the room (pb&j, bananas, protein bars, etc.) that she goes up to him and "begs" for whatever he is eating.  She has even eaten one of my soy bars from Target...the whole thing!  Looks like she will fit into our family just great!

This morning we dressed the babies in their chinese outfits and had group pictures.  Molly's dress is pink and she had on pink squeak shoes and pink bows of course.  She looked so cute, but wouldn't really look at the camera and smile of course!


"Begging" uncle Eddie for food :)


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Unknown said...

Treasure those last hours in China! Believe it or not--you will miss being there when you get home. :) Everybody looks great and I can't wait to hear how things go when you get home!

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