Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I published Amy's last post right before these photos came through. Sorry. {It's Danielle, by the way}. are some photos of the lovely, adorable, sweet, and oh so cute Molly. I cannot wait to meet this little girl. She is SO cute!!! Don't forget to read the posts below!








Lauren said...

She is just stunning!!!! :)

KatieB. said...

She is ADORABLE! The picture of her smiling on the playground should be framed. But, I also love the one of her pouting. Ha. You could put them in a double frame. Have a safe journey home!

Jill said...

She's a DOLL! I love the first picture of y'all. Amy, you look so pretty... you definitely have a new glow.

Tricia Thompson said...

Welcome Home Amy!!!!! I hope you and Molly have gotten a little sleep. Jet lag is hard so get as much rest as you can. It took us a few days only because our doctor told me to wake her up by 8:00, let her nap at noon but no longer than 3 hours and make sure she is not sleeping after 4:00 pm. That way she will sleep at night. It is so hard but accept help from your family so you can rest too.

I know your mom and sister, Eddie and Madison are just besides themselves with joy. I know how good it feels to be home - back in the states. What was the first thing you ate? drank? I bet it had lots and lots of ICE! LOL

I cannot wait to hear how everything is going. Your daughter is home know and you can start your lives together. Kudos to Eddie for surviving the trip with you. It sounds like he was a big help.

Call me if you need me! Even if just to vent. Love ya,


Shauna and MacLean said...

Wow what a beautiful little girl. Can't wait to hear about the trip home. Hope it all went well.
Amy, you look so happy it is wonderful to see all the joy a wee person can bring into our lives.

KatieB. said...

Hope you made it home safely!! I know you are probably getting all settled in with a baby in your home. Hope it's going great and Molly is adjusting well!

vergne said...

She's absolutely precious, Amy! I'm glad that the trip has gone well. Hope you had a safe trip back!


Denna said...

She is adorable and has the prettiest smile. She is a real cutie.

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