Monday, May 24, 2010

friday and saturday

Friday was a busy day for Molly and me!  We left home in the morning and stopped by Aunt Ambre's work to meet all the people there who had followed our journey.  Molly was her typical fun and flirty self as she was introduced to many people!  Then we went to my school where she met many of the faculty and staff who had also been following our journey.  She loved school!  She loves being around kids of any age and it's so cute to see her interact with them.  My class was really excited to see us and it was so great to be able to show them the completion of my adoption journey. 

This is the cute outfit she wore on this day out.  It was so cute on her with the coordinating bloomers and pink squeaky shoes!  This is a Strasburg outfit I bought at a consignment store for $10!  I love it, it's so girly!

After our visit at school we went to mom's daycare for lunch with the kids there.  Then we were off to visit Grandma Sherrill, Aunt Judy, and Aunt Faye.  We didn't get home until time for supper.  It was so fun to show her off!

Saturday we went to a family reunion and Molly got to meet even more people.  There were children there and once again she loved being around them, although she doesn't know proper "play etiquette" when playing with other kids!  We have a lot to learn this summer!
 She wore her American flag dress

All of the children in the family

My cousins, Kelsey and Kayla (sisters)
 Molly loved this stroller
Eddie and Maddie in action {with sticks}

All of my grandmother's great grandchildren except one...we cannot get a good picture of them without tears!
 Molly getting familiar with good southern food!  YUM!!
 Introducing Molly to the Wiggles!

Madison feeding Molly her dessert

Her first honeysuckle


Tricia Thompson said...

Oh Amy those pictures are just too precious! I especially love the ones with you and Molly. You guys are bonding so well it looks like and I am very happy for you. Girl, you are just beaming!!! I hope sleep is going better too. Love ya

Lauren said...

She definitely needs to where that dress on July 4th!!!! :)

Mrs. McAnally said...

You and Molly look so happy. I've never seen you smile so brightly as you do with her and Molly's smile is contagious!! I know you are enjoying every moment. :)

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