Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday with Molly

Today we went with Granny to the funeral of my great aunt who passed away Saturday.  Once again Molly met many family members and always thinks that large gatherings (family reunion, church, funerals) are all for her!  It's so funny!  She did really well, of course I did not take her into the actual service because I knew she would not be able to sit still. 

I love this white smocked dress on her which was Madison's when she was little.
We spent the afternoon at home and played and just relaxed.  Molly has met so many people over the last week and continues to amaze me with how easy going she is in new situations.  She is so adorable and has a great personality.  I will write more details about her emerging character traits and all I'm learning about being a mommy soon!


Unknown said...

love the pic of her on the phone. :) Even Lydia knows what to do with that thing...perhaps I should spend less time on it or something!

Danielle Moss said...

Sorry about your aunt :(

I love love love that dress. Molly is so sweet.

Lauren said...

She is absolutely adorable in that dress!!! :)

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