Saturday, May 8, 2010


We made it safely to Guangzhou late last night after a very crazy afternoon of travel!  I'll apologize now that I have not photos to post b/c the Internet connection is so slow I haven't been able to upload them to an email:(  I'll try again later. 

We arrived at the airport in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province around 4:30 p.m. for a 6:30 {ish} flight.  When we arrived there was a bit of confusion at the desk and our guide told us their was bad weather (rain) in Guangzhou and that all the flights from that day were still awaiting departure!  She had to go ahead and send us inside the airport to wait, although we were a bit concerned about the language barrier and being able to know when our flight was scheduled to leave.  I thought we may be there through the night and began dreading what the circumstances may be with baby in tow!!  A couple hours later we heard a Chinese announcement and all of the Chinese people at our gate got up and walked/ran upstairs to an information desk.  We followed, thanks to one young Chinese man who translated for us a bit.  {He had told me earlier that, "Molly was lovely" and asked us "Where are you from" so I did know he spoke some English.  The Chinese people were swarming the desk, the airport/airline workers were yelling Chinese at everyone and we all thought we were sunk!  A lady took our boarding passes and waved us to the side to wait.  Later we saw a plane arrive and people line up to board and they had boarding passes.  We did not see the lady who had taken our anywhere in sight, but continued to get in line and wait.  Once there they gave us boarding passes and we were off!  Hallelujah! 

I could not believe we were able to get on a flight very close to our scheduled departure time!  Somebody is praying for us!!!  Thank you!!  On the plane I sat by a family who have adopted a young girl from Molly's same orphanage!  They just got her on Monday as I did.  We sat the girls together to see if they recognized each other but they really didn't seem to.  They just kind of stared at each other.  This little girl was really cute and like Molly, had "long" hair and big round eyes.  She told me the orphanage was now limiting adoptions to only domestic adoptions from now on and Molly and this little girl were some of the last to be adopted internationally.  I'm thinking the orphanage must be a pretty good one b/c Molly is in really good shape and they didn't cut the girls hair!  This is just amazing as normally orphanages do not have the time to upkeep (wash, brush) hair.  Everyone that sees Molly is so amazed at her cute hair!  Most of the other girls in our group have very short or "shaved" heads and the mothers have just 'awed' over Molly's hair and bows!  I'm so grateful!  She did "find" her bows at the airport and started pulling them out and I immediately told her "no"!  She doesn't realize we have about 147 bows at home to begin using and she cannot pull her hair out! ha!

The flight was about one hour long and Molly slept the whole way.  The hotel we are at is much nicer and better than the Gloria Grand in Jiangxi!  PTL!  There is a working pool and workout room so Eddie is happy!  The room is nice and cool {for China standards of coolness!} 

This morning Molly and I woke up early to bathe and dress for her Medical Exam.  Since she is permanently attached to me she showered with me!!!!  {My mom and Ambre will love that}  yes, my "alone" time is definitely over!  We wore our matching Nashville T-shirts and I did her hair in two cute mini buns on top of her head with pink bows on them.  She looked like a little Minnie Mouse!  So cute!  

Ms. Molly is doing well and is very attached to me.  If you can imagine a Koala bear or a Kangaroo with their baby in their pouches that is what we look like most of the time!  She likes me to hold her primarily, but will walk on occasion if she feels comfortable in the environment.  She will not go to anyone else!  She will only going to sleep if she is literally laying on top of me!  It's so funny b/c after {hours} of me rocking, holding, snuggling her she will be asleep but as soon as I put her in my bed she will scream and crawl up on top of me!  We have pictures!  Everybody thinks and comments on her hair and her eyes.  Chinese people especially admire her.  I'm so lucky!!

well...she's up so I gotta go!  will try to send pics later today if it works!


Tricia Thompson said...

Happy Mother's Day Amy!!! It is your first Mother's Day and I know you are just beaming. It sounds like you and Molly are doing well. Love the updates - I hope Guangzhou is easier for you guys. Praying for you. Love you,

caryn said...

Happy first Mother's Day! Long time reader of your blog but not a frequent poster but I have to say what you already know ~ she is just beautiful.

Shauna and MacLean said...

You are a lucky mom! Molly is so sweet!

Jill said...

The Gloria Grand Hotel, huh??? Sounds fancy! :) Don't get me started on China hotels.

I think it's so great that Molly is already so attached to you. I've prayed that she'd immediately attach to you, trust you, and love you. Yay!

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