Thursday, May 6, 2010

An update!

I know everyone is anxious for an update!!  Things are going well and we are preparing for Molly's first {in country} plane ride this afternoon to Guangzhou, China.  We are all looking forward to a new environment and to reunite with all of the families in our group.  I'm feeling a bit better and Molly is doing very well.  Her biggest obstacle right now is bedtime or naptime.  She happily and easily goes to sleep in my arms if I am standing with her, but the moment I sit down or try to put her to bed she screams and thrashes around.  She gets so mad!  Sometimes it takes an hour to finally get her to sleep.  And then she sleeps well both for naps and at night.  I would say she is definitely attached to me and I'm trying to strengthen that even more.  She still won't go to Eddie, although she will play with him easily.  She is a big hit amongst the hotel staff who all think she is so cute and pretty!  All the ladies especially reach out to her or try to hold her hand and she quickly shrugs them off turning to me!  YAY!!  The hotel restaurant staff are always so nice and eager to help out at meal time if needed. 

I'm getting things packed up while she is napping, but will try to post pictures soon!  I haven't been anxious to post any pictures of me from this week because my curling iron broke and the hotel hair dryer doesn't work so momma's hair hasn't been looking so great! ha!! 

Eddie and I both wish we were boarding a plane for home today instead of another week here, but hopefully things will be a bit better in the next city.  We're so tired of being in this hotel room!  Eddie has not worked out for over a week now b/c both hotels have not had working weight rooms/exercise rooms.  For anyone who knows him, you know what a sacrifice that is for him!  I don't know that he's ever been this long without lifting his weights!  One morning he tried to ask the hotel staff where the weight room was...imagine the hilarious stares he got b/c of the language barrier as he was trying to 'act out' lifting weights!  Then he asked our guide if their was a gym nearby...she looked puzzled and said "no, very far away"...Eddie was thinking yeah, like 8,000 miles?? 

The pollution, smog, and air quality in China is so bad.  You can't even imagine how terrible it is until you experience it.  It may be worse in this province, I'm not sure.  But there is a constant stinch in the air and we haven't really seen a 'blue' sky yet.  You don't really feel like going out for a walk b/c it's just not refreshing.  Yesterday it rained and I thought that may help things a bit, but it didn't really. 

The traffic is amazing!  It's sort of like organized chaos...people just drive and honk their horns constantly.  They do not get mad at each other if someone blows their horn.  There are pedestrians, bikers, mopeds all in the road with cars and buses.  I cannot believe we haven't seen a wreck yet.

The other thing we've noticed in Jiangxi is the number of fireworks that go off throughout the day and night.  Our guide said people will set them off for births, deaths, weddings, birthdays, the opening of a business, or any reason to celebrate.  We haven't actually seen any fireworks in the sky, but we hear them all the time. 

While we've been here in China there has been a huge flood back at home in Nashville, TN.  You've probably all heard about it and we are getting information from the Internet and our families through Skype.  It was really terrible and closed schools for this whole week!  So, for everyone back at home I hope you are all doing well and getting back to your normal routines.


Becky said...

My son always commented on the air quality too. He said when preparing to interview for the olympics, they had to paint the grass green!

It sounds like Molly is doing well with you. That is a huge praise. I look back at our foster kids and the little ones attached quickly but sometimes they do, had issues with sleep.

Dan and Karen said...

Thanks for the update! I've been praying for Nashville, your friends and of course your home.

I'm glad you are feeling some better and Molly is continuing to bond to you and is feeling well. We've been fervently praying.

I know you are anxious for home, but remember to savor this time in China! This experience is priceless and fleeting.

If you are staying at the White Swan in Guangzhou they have a fitness room! Yayyy Eddie!

Blessings for the rest of your time and travels home.


Unknown said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that she is attaching so well to you! Sounds like she is doing just great. I know you would like to head home now, but, hopefully, you will have some fun in Guangzhou. It's a different feel than being in province--lots of other adoptive families. The bit about the weight room was cracking me up. At one point when we were there, Lydia spit up on our comforter. So, I called housekeeping to get a new comforter. "Yes, yes," they said, "right away." They showed up at our door minutes later with an extension cord. :) Looking forward to more updates soon -
P.S. Angie gets Emma tomorrow! She is doing well!

Jill said...

I'm so glad y'all are having a good trip! The traffic is so fun... so different than what we experience! Enjoy it.

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