Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jiangxi Province

Molly is from the Jiangxi Province which has a population of 44 million people.  It is a port province and our hotel is right on the river.  Today we did a bit of sightseeing before lunch and then ate a traditional Chinese lunch at a restaurant nearby.  Molly slept most of the morning in the Ergo baby sling a friend lent to me (thanks, Tricia) and that did save my arms a bit for today.  They are so sore! ha!  Molly will not even think about walking or getting off of me for one minute!  Today at lunch I saw some sweet moments of "breakthrough"!!  She played and interacted with Eddie a bit at the table, throwing her toys at him.  She really loves throwing things.  She then proceeded to throw a whole baggie of cheerios all over the floor of the restaurant.  I tried to apologize profusely to the staff, but some of the women still glared at me like "stupid Americans"!  Ha!  She was so happy after her nap and was smiling and laughing.  She ate a good lunch (of course while sitting on my highchair for her!)  and then proceeded to touch my face and look me into the eyes.  She even 'sort of' kissed me!  I was kissing her and she opened her mouth right on top of mine and I considered it her kissing me back!  She also "fed" me some of her watermelon and tried to use the spoon to feed me some rice!  It was really cute and I was happy to see a  mini breakthrough! 

Once we got back to the hotel she was tired again, but fighting sleep.  She wouldn't play...she hasn't really caught onto "play" yet so we're still working on it!  She wanted me to hold her while standing for her to fall asleep.  Every time I sat down, she cried.  Every time I lied her down, she cried...screamed really.  I'm still so fuzzy about how long to allow them to cry when they are still trying to attach to you.  So I haven't let her cry for long...which I guess she's learning.  She finally went to sleep, after an hour of me up and down!  Now she is happily eating Vanilla Wafers on my lap.  She loves all of her snacks!  We have not had a #2 diaper yet...since she came on Monday, but she finally has peed twice today at least.  This morning in the tub and this afternoon in her diaper.  I'm hoping she'll do the other soon before I may have to 'intervene'.  She's been eating lots of fruit and things that should help her system to go, but I know she's being stubborn about it...and confuse.  I'm sorry for the bathroom talk!  I always wondered what the big deal was when I read about it on other's a big deal! ha!! 

Our guide took us to a beautiful pavilion and garden area today.  It has a rich history that she explained so well, but I don't recall one single fact! ha!  Just enjoy the photos!!






Laurie said...

Gotta love those mini-breakthroughs! :) With Allison I finally had to borrow some prunes (the strained Gerber kind) from an experienced parent cause on day 4 she STILL hadn't gone! It worked like a charm! :) Good luck! On our 2nd trip we brought a few things of the prunes, and wouldn't you know, Aaron had NO trouble going, and going, and going. Figures!

Shauna and MacLean said...

That looks like the Tang Wang pavillion. We were there on my adoption trip. What a memory that is I had MacLean in a snuggly the whole day and it was about 120 degrees. We traveled in Aug. The poop will come MacLean went over 5 days and then even at home she had to have an enema once and then prune juice and cod liver oil. Hope things start working soon. Molly is so sweet glad she is starting the bonding process. What a wonderful gift you have been given. Take care, xo

Tricia Thompson said...

It's great to hear that things are looking up! I love that she is such a good eater. How are you feeling? I hope better and that the antibiotics are kicking in.

As for the crying, I still don't let Maggie cry for long - but I now know her types of cries. I say pick her up when she wants - Maggie loves back rubs and for me to stroke her cheek - that puts her to sleep.

As for the arms - I remember being so sore - my arms, and back. They may not weigh a lot but it adds up when it is all day. You will get great arms from being a mom! Bonus! LOL

Looking forward to the next entry. Love ya

Jill said...

LOVE the photos! The garden y'all visited is awesome.

Don't apologize about the bathroom stories... I kinda like discussing bathroom issues. Ha!

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