Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Molly.

We've had a major turn around today!  After Molly's nap she woke up and decided to 'use the bathroom'..although she seemed a bit confused about going in her diaper she did and I cleaned her up and now she's a totally different child!  She finally detached from my body this afternoon and actually WALKED on her own while holding my hand!  She also showed interest in her toys and started really playing and exploring the room.  We even went outside and walked around and she never cried for me to hold her.  She walked around the lobby of the hotel and we ate dinner together in the restaurant with her sitting beside me and not on top of me!  She still isn't ready for the stroller or highchair, but progress is progress and I'm so happy for that!  She started "talking" tonight as well.  She's very happy...except for bedtime.  That was a bit of a struggle, but she's resting peacefully in {my} bed now!

On another note, please pray for me today.  I've been getting a bit sick for the last few days and now I'm really feeling it.  I have congestion in my chest, a cough that is worsening, and I feel an earache coming on.  I started a Zpak tonight along with Mucinex and Motrin I should be in for a good nights sleep.  I hope I feel as good as Molly tomorrow.  Her cough and congestion is getting better.

1.  finally going potty...she stood like this for about 10 minutes totally concentrating and not reacting to anything Eddie and I said or did. We knew what she was doing.  I know she'll hate me for putting this on the blog one day, but the seriousness of her look was SO FUNNY!
2. primping with her far she's a total girly girl and loves for me to comb or brush her hair and put bows in it.
3.  Finally showing interest in toys
4.  throwing toys to Eddie, she ALWAYS turns to him to play "rougher" and throws everything at him.  She totally warmed up to him this afternoon and tonight and she may let him hold her tomorrow if things continue to improve!






Shauna and MacLean said...

WHAT great news to hear that Molly is settling into her new routine. We forget what a roller coaster this must be for our children and how scary it is to be plunked on someone's lap and then everything they have known is gone. She looks so sweet with her bows in her hair. Her face is starting to change already. I remember that being a really noticeable thing to see the face change and become more calm and happy. Great job Mom and Molly. I am sure your brother is a great help. My sister traveled with me and she and MacLean are very close to this day. Enjoy!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

She is such a beautiful child. Praying for complete attachment and love.

Tricia Thompson said...

Oh Amy I am so excited for you! She is just so precious and I love that she is opening up more. She just needed a little time to adjust to a blonde momma! Lol. Yea I have some of those embarrassing pictures too. You will need them when she is 13.

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I will be praying. Hope that z-pak will kick in soon. Love the pictures! Enjoy every minute.

Dan and Karen said...

Yay for mini-breakthroughs and kisses from Molly! She is so precious! We are loving your updates.

We're praying for you Amy that you are able to beat this cold before it settles into something worse as well as praying for the rest of your journey.

Thanks for the updates, they give hope to us "waiters"


Unknown said...

She seriously is so darn cute. And, I'm so glad to hear that she is making some progress! Everyday, she will progress more and more!

Stephanie said...

Hi - just popped in from Design Girl to read all about your story. I think what you're doing is incredible and brave and truly admirable. I look forward to reading more about Molly.

KatieB. said...

She is precious! How are you adjusting to being a mom? Is it everything you imagined? Praying ya'll continue to have a safe trip!

Kristen said...

So glad to see she's doing well. I hope you feel better soon. My husband and I both got sick on our first trip and it was hard. I will pray for your health.

Laura Monchuk {Saskmom} said...

I just wandered onto your lovely blog. I wish you and your lovely daughter all of the best!

I have been contemplating adoption and am inspired by your stories.

Big hugs to you both from Saskatchewan!

Jill said...

I promise I've been reading all your updates... I'm just now getting a chance to comment.

I'm glad Molly went to the bathroom. That can't be comfortable. She's SOOOOOOO cute! I know you're having fun with her!

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