Saturday, May 15, 2010

Returning to my new normal

Slowly but surely I am feeling better and more and more "normal" which I am so thankful for.  I felt horrible on Friday (the first full day back), but finally did get a nap and Molly slept for 8 hours for her "nap".  She was up and down throughout the night which is to be expected with the time difference and all however she has been in her bed and although she doesn't like it initially, she sleeps so much better alone and I do to!  I'm hoping she gets more and more used to it throughout the weeks ahead. 

This morning we were up bright and early at 5:00 a.m. and by 7:00 had eaten a good breakfast had a bath (Molly) and a shower (me!), cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, and was ready to play!  We went for a walk outside and she sat in her stroller for the first time. She cried at first, but then went on to relax and enjoy the ride!  After that mom came over and we did a little shopping, went to Cracker Barrel for lunch (praise God for Southern food!), and went to Grandma Sherrills for a quick visit.  By the time we were home she was already asleep for her afternoon nap from being exhausted with her morning activities.

Without further delay I am going to post some of the pictures of our arrival home on Thursday night. 
The daycare made signs for us!
Two of a kind...waiting for daddy!
Friends from church who are also adopting from China

Friends from school

Aunt Judy and mom
Looking for daddy
All the kids in the group
Grandma Sherrill waiting at our house
Neighbors, family, and friends
 Molly is an American Citizen today
Her first look at her room

My neighbor made this beautiful and delicious cake!

What she loved the most...blinds!

My mom, me, Molly, and Granny


Shauna and MacLean said...

Love the picture of Molly and her beautiful smile. What a wonderful homecoming. You are truly blessed!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness--that American dress! Did you change her into that minutes before you got off the plane? We had a nice coming home outfit out for Lydia which she, well, covered in vomit on landing (no nice way to put that). So, our coming home wasn't nearly as "cute" as yours. She got changed into her back up comfy outfit instead. :) You both looked great upon arrival!

Tricia Thompson said...

I agree with Shauna nad MacLean - that picture of Molly smiling is just priceless!

Welcome Home! I know these first few days will seem like a blur. Get some rest and let your family help you as much as you can. I hope you begin to feel better and back to yourself.

Amy, you are now Molly's mom and you KNOW BEST!!!! You take your cues from Molly and everything will work out better. You cannot be a good mom if you don't have sleep. So do what you need too. You have such a great sensitivity to her attachment and it will be fine to let her cry a little. You are doing great as a new MOM!!!!

Love the pictures - keep the updates coming so we can see how she changes over the next few months. I am so excited for you guys.

Tricia and Maggie

groovy mama said...

Thank you for the photos, I must ADD you look FAB for just being on the plane forever!!!! You are so lucky to have such wonderful people in your life that support you so! I am jealous! Also, What a great Brother too for hanging out in China w/ his sis!

Well congrats on your PRETTY little girl! She is perfect!


LifestyleBohemia said...

What a beautiful home coming! You have a such a warm & caring community. Molly is precious - I especially love the photo with the huge smile on her face. God bless you both!

KatieB. said...

Sweet pictures! She looks beautiful and happy. Congratulations! I hope your "new normal" is perfect, despite jet lag and lack of sleep! Ha!

Amy @ said...

Thanks for posting on my blog today. Molly is just beautiful. Welcome home!

Dan and Karen said...

Ahhhh finally the pictures I've been dying to see! Welcome home! I prayed so hard that your home would be safe and dry when you returned home from China.

I loved every moment of following your journey and am amazed at how well you and Molly have already gotten some regular sleep and are settling in (we are still jet-lagged after 20 months home!)

We have Visa applications in and are just waiting for CA and TA...China here we come!

Thanks for sharing your journey to China, it was awesome to travel with you!


Laurie said...

Was great to see you home. The picture of Molly with the BIG smile was by far my favorite. Darling! :)

Denna said...

I am so happy for you Amy. I have enjoyed seeing all the pictures and post. Molly is precious. I love her smile. I am glad you are home with your baby girl.

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