Saturday, May 15, 2010

the nashville flood

while we were in china Nashville experienced one of the worst natural disasters ever with the flood of 2010.  we saw some news coverage via the Internet while in China and couldn't believe the vast amount of damage that was very close to our homes.  These are a few pictures of the flood that my mom took and some I took when we drove home from the airport.
Right in front of my mom's house looking out onto the street
I've never seen this ditch/creek so high and overflowing with water
Thankfully neither my mom's house or my granny's house were damaged by the flood
There was a lot of damage very close to my house.  This is just about one mile from my house.

I was so fortunate that my house was not affected by the flood.  I did have a leak in my roof and thankfully my neighbor just happened to walk in and check on my house and noticed it before all the terrible rains came in and another neighbor temporarily fixed the roof damage.  This could have been a huge mess if she had not found this at the exact time she did.  I'm thanking God big time for that!!

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Shauna and MacLean said...

wow what a horrible thing to have been so close and so far away from home during this horrible time. I can't wait to see more pics of beautiful Molly and your arrival home. My thoughts and prayers were working over time during this flooding while you were away. Take care, Shauna

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