Wednesday, June 9, 2010

catch up

It's hard to remember to take pictures, load pictures, and post pictures as often as I need to!  Here is a brief update from the last week...
Fun playing in sand at the daycare
Eddie and sticks {his favorite thing!}
Driving my first car
Sometimes you have to push!
Making new friends
Ready for church
Mama Maze playing with me before we left
totally exhausted after playing in the water outside for 3 hours...
she fell asleep in her high chair at lunch for the first time!

We are having a great summer.  She is learning and trying new things each day.  I can't get over her cuteness factor...way over the top!  ha!!  Summer is going by much too quickly for me already.  She has her first photo shoot on Thursday here at our house so I'm trying to get things in order...clean, straighten up, iron her outfits, etc.  to get ready.  I'm really excited and hope to get some wonderful pictures!!


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the new pics from the shoot!

Becky said...

You already have some wonderful pictures!! I love the little dress she is wearing - perfect for a little girl.

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