Wednesday, June 9, 2010

on dating, courting, true love waits, and marriage proposals

It's been a busy week around here.  We've had friends over, a birthday party to attend, dates, and a marriage proposal!  I haven't spoken of this on the blog before...trying to keep things hush, hush around here.  But...alas, LOVE  is in the air around our house! 

On Sunday night while Molly and I were deeply engaged in dinner conversation we had a ring of the doorbell and a dashingly handsome young man sporting a bright summer polo shirt was carrying flowers.  My all time dream come true...tall, dark, and handsome, with a good sense of style, from a great family.  Then the long awaited question...

oh...wait a minute I forgot one small detail.  The guy, date, proposal, and flowers were all for Molly!  Yes, I'm trying to prearrange a marriage for her already!

This is Shepherd Keck, Molly's future husband.  He was adopted by my good friend, Candace and her husband two years ago.  

Isn't he handsome?
He was very intent on giving Molly the flowers and saying the right things!
Molly was more impressed with the fresh flowers than with him!  Especially when he started pushing her around and taking her toys!  Girlfriend had to express herself!

Like any male, he was exceptionally proud of his good deed!
Molly poured the water out and he didn't understand why??

She held him back and tried to keep him from her toys.
We had the best time visiting with my good girlfriends Deb, Amber, and Candace and introducing Molly and Shepherd on Sunday night.  Shepherd was so cute asking, "Will you marry me, Molly?" and yes...we got it all on tape for their pre-wedding party in about 30 years! ha!  I will upload the video soon, but now my flipshare software isn't working...extremely frustrating!!


Laurie said...

You're going to have a tough time posting anything that tops this one- DARLING! Well, maybe a proposal for Mommy, but that would be about it! :)

KatieB. said...

Oh my goodness, SO cute! So sweet. He is precious in his little yellow button down and khaki shorts. Who knows? ;)

Unknown said...

That title sure does grab your readers --- how precious!

Angie said...!

Becky said...

Oh My! That is too cute for words. Too cute. And they are even color co-ordinated. Oh my!

Lauren said...

Oh my sweet heavens, this is the most precious thing I've read ALL day!!!!!!! :)

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