Friday, August 13, 2010

another ER visit

Molly had a difficult day today:(  She started the day with her normal cuteness!  Today was my first day of school, so I dressed her in her back to school "ABC" outfit as well.

This cute little outfit came from goodwill...$2!  (The pink sailor dress was a goodwill find as well)  Love that!
We're both getting used to the morning routine, but as you can see here, she is clearly not happy about being in car at 7am!
I rushed off to school to finish the final things in my room before the kiddos came
Even though, I didn't have time to put up all of my usual back to school stuff the kids never noticed.  We had a good first day...looks like a good group, don't you think?
After school I went to have my haircut, it was a must do!!  And that meant that I was really later than usual to get Molly from daycare.  So it was 5:30 p.m. by the time I got her and she had been really unhappy and fussy for mom.  Mom thought she was constipated and fed her prunes and apples to try to help! ha!  She was pulling at her bottom and wanting to take her diaper off.  She would not sit, stand, walk, or run.  She would only lay on her stomach on the couch.  She wanted to lay her head on the pillow and she still cried big tears and then when the pillow got wet, she cried about that too!

I wasn't sure what could be wrong at first, and then remembered that she had a spot on her bottom that looked like it may be a small boil a couple days ago.  It hasn't seemed to bother her.  But mom just had not noticed it.  When I checked it, it was infected, burning with fever, and her whole bottom was red.  At first I thought a warm bath and neosporin would work, but after she wouldn't stand, walk, or run as the night went on I knew we should have it checked out.  So mom and I went to the ER at 8pm.  Fun! 

As soon as we got there Molly started running and jumping in the waiting area...making a liar out of me after I just told the receptionist she had not moved for 5 hours!  She did have a fever when they checked her vitals...and weighed in at 25.5 lbs just so I don't forget!  They looked and said it did need to be drained.  I knew this would be very fun!  uugghhh!  So they gave her pain meds, numbing meds, antibiotics, and cut it and drained it and after about 4 hours we left.  I think she is feeling much better, she got right in bed (after vomiting all over mom's new car) and went to sleep.  So now it's 1:30 a.m. and I have to figure out what to do for my last day of in service tomorrow.  I hope she will sleep in a little and I'll see how she feels.  Then we will try to go to daycare so I can go to school at some point.  They did say  there is a chance it could get worse, so I'll have to watch it to make sure it continues to drain and doesn't get worse over the weekend. 

I'm not sure what it is with me and June I went to the ER for my staph infection drain on my finger, in July we both had surgery although hers was major, and in August she has already been to the ER.  We've got to slow down on these kinds of things!!


KatieB. said...

Poor Molly! And poor Mom! Praying you two can have a relaxing weekend that involves nothing more than pajamas and Dora on TV!

Judi said...

You have certainly had an "busy" summer! Hope all those medical things are over for both of you! Your classroom looks great. We are under "work to rule" by our union due to not having a contract at this time, so I can't even get in to work on my classroom until the first teacher work day which is really a day of meetings followed by Open House for the students and parents! It is what it is and I will just have to do my best! It's not how I would like to start the year and it will be hard to not be able to go in early or stay late on schooll days, but it will help me to have more time with Haleigh! Have a good year!

Jill said...

Oh Amy, that's terrible. I feel so bad for little Molly. I hope she's better today! Y'all stay out of the hospital. :)

P.S. Cute Back-to-School outfit. I love the bow on the butt. Goodwill, huh? You're so good at finding great deals.

groovy mama said...

Oh my, how do you get a boil on your butt? I hope it heals!.....good luck with that!

Lauren said...

Aw, poor girl… Hope it gets better!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor girls! What a day. I guess poor Grandma that her car has been "christened." Hope Molly gets feeling better over the next couple of days.
Cute finds at the Goodwill! Love her little outfits.
Ontario, Canada

Becky said...

Ah! Welcome to one of the 'funnest' things in parenting - those unplanned visits to the ER.

Jo's Corner said...

Instead of Jo, I often felt like I was "Job" I had way too many boils as a child! They seriously ARE the most painful things. Poor Molly!! Boils are caused by a number of things, but it's pretty common in babies in diapers. The damp, moist are is a target for infections. And, bacteria in her stools really can make it worse. Lots of warm baths will help with drainage and pain relief. So sorry to hear about your Sweet Girl! Hugs ~ JO

Angie said...

Bless her heart...and her bottom! What grade are you teaching this year? 2nd again this year for me. 18 in my class...1 week down...171 days to go! ;)

Unknown said...

Oh my, poor baby. That is awful. Hope it doesn't get bad again.

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