Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eddie Day

 on august 3, lonnie edward maze IV, turned 3 years old!!!
i thought he deserved a special day...just for us!!
 his fascination is currently with guitars or 'tars' as he says
 he cannot get enough of them so, i thought i'd take him somewhere he could get his fill of 'tars!!
 there were so many, he didn't know which way to turn!!
 his face and reaction was really priceless!!
 he couldn't believe the variety of guitars he was seeing in one place
 he also loved the drums

 he wanted to take them all down!
 then he found one that was his size
 he also tried out the keyboards
 if he ends up being a musician...he certainly didn't get that gene from the maze side of the family i'll have to say!!
 he really like the electric 'tars'

 he gave a little abc concert!
 his daycare bday party with his worm cake mama maze made for him

 how can you not love that face??
he was the baby of the family until we interrupted his spotlight when we brought home ms. molly!  now they are in fierce competition for dibs on the baby spot!
happy birthday, eddie!!

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