Monday, August 9, 2010

Maddie Date

before i became a mom i was an aunt
it was my niece, madison, who was my first love
she entered the love with 4 adults swooning over her every move 
and while her development at times have challenged the adults around her {ha!}
she is still quite adorable, smart, and lovely!

adjusting to the fact that i'm a mom
has also been quite difficult for her
so i decided it was time for a little one on one time...just me and madison!
and so we went off to some of our favorite places!
she is starting pre-K this fall
and she is really looking forward to "big school"
she has quite a vocabulary....frequently saying words like "adorable", "beautiful", and "gorgeous"
on the way to our first stops while we were still in the car she says:
"Amy, before we get there I have a few questions..."
she then proceeded to ask me about our schedule for the day
we first went to my school so i could see the status of my much to do!!
while i worked, ms. madison had fun being the teacher
oh, how i'll try to get that out of her system before she is 18!!
she loves to read and write and academics come naturally for her
she loves to be a helper and so i put that desire to good use and she cleaned all of my desks!
when she feels like she is being helpful she takes her assignments in stride!
when she was smaller, she always wanted me to come home and tell her stories about when/if i had to get onto any students in my classroom!

after the classroom was somewhat in order we went to the bakery
she does love this's a bad habit!
decisions, decisions
our favorite treat!
later in the week we had another date and i took her to one of my favorite spots...a doll cottage
it's literally a pink cottage full of all kinds of dolls and stuffed animals!
every little girl's dream!
the doll and madison matched!

here is a little flashback to 2008 when we were on the same "date"!!

Tomorrow come back to check on my day out with Eddie!!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

My niece started Pre-L this week. They grow up so quick don’t they???? :( And my niece would so flip out in that doll cottage. Would love it!!! :)

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