Wednesday, August 4, 2010

it's over...

summer, that is
easy living
no schedule
carefree time
it's all come to an end and it makes me sad.
i wish i had everyday to spend with my girl
watching her grow, learn, and change
she's so adorable and
i've loved every minute of the 3 months we've had together
now the real challenge comes for me
to really balance it all
single parenting
and a career
i think i've got it figured out
but it's only been one day!
ask me again around october and i'll let you know how it's really going!
we've had a lot going on around here and i just havne't had to time to upload any pictures or blog
but i've got a lot to share with you guys
so just bear with me and hopefully i'll get caught up this weekend!!

stay's over 100 degrees here:(


Shauna and MacLean said...

Hope the beginning to your school year goes well. We have another month and then back to the grind. Good luck

Judi said...

Teachers don't start until August 20th and students on the 23rd, but I am NOT looking forward to it! I enjoy the summer break every year, but I have especially enjoyed this one with Haleigh!

Angie said...

I need to just copy and paste your post...ditto for me! Our first day was today - half day. Tomorrow is a work day and then Monday is the real deal.

Praying for you and Molly!

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