Saturday, August 7, 2010


scrapbooking, pictures, organization....the bane of my existence right now!  this summer went by so fast, although we got a lot accomplished (you know with traveling to china, becoming a single mom, two surgeries, recovery and all!) I had one more thing I simply must get done before the craziness of school began!

In years past I have taken all of my childhood pictures and Eddie's childhood pictures and made us each scrapbook albums so they are all in one place.  I've also taken all of our family Christmas pictures from my parent's first Christmas together and put them all in one album.  In more recent years I have scrapbooked albums for both Madison and Eddie's first years.  I knew I could not leave Ms. Molly out of I really wanted to make an album of all of the documents and pictures leading up to our travel time and an album of our time in China.  Over the last 4 years I had been handwriting letters to Molly just so she'd have something to look back on and know what I was doing, what I was thinking, etc.  I think it is really important for her to have her story hand written by her mom.  I'm so glad I did this!

So I have finally finished both of those two albums for her and I may never scrapbook (the old fashioned way) again!  It's so time consuming and I have to spread everything out on my dining room table.  When I finish albums, I'm always so glad I did them.  But, for me, it's getting pepped up to actually do the work!

In the future I will probably order albums on snapfish or shutterfly each year for her birthday and other holidays, seasons, or vacations.  Those photo albums are so much easier!  And, hey let's face it, my time is very limited now!!

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Beth McC. said...

I love scrapbooking! When I taught I made a book for each kid in my class and they loved it! I had a teacher that did it for me back in ther day and I cherish it still!!! I will tell you that I have me a snapfish book as well and it turned out amazing!!

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