Sunday, August 29, 2010

take time to stop and smell the flowers

well, i almost made it a full week of work but on friday i noticed another red place on my skin with fever in it.  i called the dr. and she said to come right in so she could check it out.  so i had to get a sub for the last half of friday afternoon.  turns out i have a 3rd spot of mrsa infection stemming from my bellybutton which was one of the surgical sites from my laproscopy in july.  now i'm on two antibiotics, but it is already responding to what she prescribed so i feel good about that.  she said it is really good that i have noticed both of these places immediately, which allows her to treat them with antibiotics before they spread any deeper into my skin/tissue.  i soaked in a bleach bath yesterday...i smell really clean today!

molly's spot of infection is healing nicely.  all of her "packing" came out on saturday so now i'm just cleaning it and keeping it covered with bandaids or "nanaids" as she calls them.  every time i see a sore, red spot, blister, or whatever i cover it immediately with antibiotic oinment and a bandaid to try to prevent further infection.  She's currently sporting 4 'nanaids'. 

we've had a fun weekend.  the weather is finally cooling off a bit and we've been able to get outside and play.  saturday morning we were outside for about 3 hours while i worked in the yard a bit and molly played.  it was so fun!  i'm looking forward to more weekend like this in the fall! 

we are planning a fun trip this weekend to the first UT homegame of the season with all of the Maze clan...3 kids ages 4 and under in the midst of 107,000 crazy football fans!  Sound fun to you??  I'll have lots to post I'm sure!!

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