Sunday, August 22, 2010

on the mend

After an eventful week I think both Molly and I are on the mend.  Molly's original spot where the infection was is healing.  I am still removing some of the packing each day which helps to promote drainage.  My places of infection are also healing and drying up. 

Mrsa is a strange and complicated staph bacteria/infection.  I have thoroughly cleaned the house, changed our linens each day, washed our towels after every use, and anything else I could think of to promote killing this super bug.  My pediatrician actually recommended bathing in a Clorox bath a couple times a week to further kill any bacteria on our skin.  This seemed strange to me, but I guess it's no different than swimming in a pool of chlorine water.  She suggested adding 1-2 cups of bleach to a tub of water, but when I bathed Molly in that I think it was too strong so next week I may try 1/2 cup of bleach.  I'm also going to do this until we are fully recovered.  If you do this you have to make sure kids don't drink the water, get it in their eyes, and don't wash their hair in it.  basically I let Molly soak in it for 5-10 minutes, drain the water and refill it with plain water and wash her body/hair. 

I'm so thankful neither of us got mrsa inside of our surgery wounds in July.  Both of us just had skin infections which is treatable.  When it gets inside your body/organs/tissues is when it can be really dangerous.  The main thing to do in order to prevent MRSA is wash your hands all the time.  mrsa lives on your skin, under your nails, and in your nose just "waiting" for a place to invade. 

On another note, I've enjoyed every minute I've had this week with Molly.  Since it was a "surprise" week off, knowing everyone else was in school it made it extra fun!  (after she was out of the hospital that is).  I just love being with her every minute.  She is growing right before my eyes and I wish I could spend every day with her.  I am so thankful for my job and career as a teacher that allows me to be with her more than other careers would allow. 

Ok, now I'm off to prepare for the week second try at the first week of school!


Becky said...

When we were foster parents, the head lice would send me into a tizzy. MRSA sounds SO much worse. Wow!

Lauren said...

YAY, so glad y’all are both on the mend!!!! :)

Jo's Corner said...

MRSA is not a little infection. MRSA is deadly! It is one of the "Super-Bugs" you hear about in the news. And, once you have it, you tend to have it in you forever. Whether it is "dormant" or you have an "active" infection, it is lurking around just waiting for a place to invade. Amy, Please be very aware of the seriousness of this awful infection. I absolutely am NOT trying to scare you or anyone else...but, a "healthy fear" is crucial.

I cut my leg while shaving (5 yrs. ago) and after 29 surgeries and multiple hospitalizations for IV antibiotics (over a 2+ year period), I had no choices but to have my left leg amputated below the knee. And, still it continued to come back. On my skin and in my blood. Last Fall & Winter, I had temps over 103.4 and up to 107.5 degrees EVERYDAY for 48 days. I came very close to death and was in multiple organ failure on several occasions.

So, Honey, Please use a lot of caution with both Molly and yourself. And, share with your Mom so she can use extra precautions in/with her daycare kids. Sadly, Miss Molly's little body can easily pass it on to other people. Kids constantly touch their faces and put their fingers in their noses and mouth and it's easily spread. I am going to make this a private message as I don't want to alarm others who may be around you, but do some research and try to find some ways to protect your Precious niece and nephew.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you, okay!

LOTS of Love to You and Molly!! Jo

Shauna and MacLean said...

so glad you are all on the mend. wishing you luck on your second first week of school. take care and hope Molly continues to do well.

Dan and Karen said...

I'm so very glad Molly and you are both on the mend! I've been praying for you both and it's good to read that things are looking up.

I know how very fast these little ones grow, literally before our eyes.

Enjoy every moment with your precious girl!


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