Friday, September 3, 2010

A Birthday Prayer, Day 3

Today I pray that Molly will develop an unwavering respect for authority in her life.  This of course starts with respecting God the Father, then me as her only parent, and on down the line to teachers, adults, etc.  Of course as a teacher I've seen this all important value go out the window in recent generations.  Many times my students show more respect than their parent do.  What a sad time for our world.  When we grow up hearing, thinking, and believing that we are "all that" and much too important to obey people we create a spirit of entitlement.  That is the worst thing I could ever see in a person. 

I know the "terrible twos" are approaching.  I haven't seen too many signs of a terrible spirit within her, but their are moments (just as with any toddler) where I have to enforce my authoritative voice and be extra stern with her.  I'm hoping she is learning...slowly but surely!

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Becky said...

Authority. Respect. My son-in-law, the police officer would appreciate this one! I worked hard at this as well. It is neat to hear my children telling theirs that if 'Grandma says no, no still stands.'

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