Wednesday, September 15, 2010

daycare, boys, and more birthday outfits for molly...

on our way to mama maze's house we see lots of beautiful scenery each morning
the deer are literally in her yard...all around her house
 molly loves to see them each morning...we count to see how many are out
usually it's about 6
sometimes more
they don't even run away from the cars anymore
they just stand and stare us down!
the driveway to mama maze's daycare
molly loves it there!
what's not to love??
mom says she especially loves this roller coaster ride
you can see her 'pleading' her case to be the next rider!
she jumps right in with these you can see no other girl around willing to fight them for the roller coaster!
molly is not scared!
should i be???
i love this...look at her expression!
patiently waiting in the background
running to catch the car...she has a plan
to steal the car and push it all the way back up the path!
I bought this cute "2" shirt from this etsy store.

 this cute, smocked bubble came from a consignment store

this little carters dress also came from a consignment store.
now just to recap...
what's your favorite?  the little green dress also has a hat to's so cute!  she's wearing it tomorrow b/c we are having cake at daycare tomorrow (thursday) afternoon.  i am taking friday off work to spend with her and we are she is getting pictures taken.

i'm  almost embarrassed to say...there is one more bday dress! ha!  it really is more of a dress to go with the theme of her party on sunday and not just a bday dress like these are.  so i will reveal the final party dress then.  you'll love it, i'm sure!


Ashley E. said...

Don't be embarrased!!! Addi has a week of bday outfits too! My fav on Molly is the green one with the cupcake!

oh' boy said...

so happy for you... she is adorable

Shauna and MacLean said...

I love the green one and the whimsy of the one with the tights. What a fun time it is right now

KatieB. said...

She's so cute! Can't wait for her birthday party pictures!

Lauren said...

Awwwww, I love all her outfits!!!! These pictures are beautiful!!! :)

Danielle Moss said...

#1!!!! I love it. She will be cute in whatever she wears but #1 is my favorite.

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