Sunday, November 28, 2010

I believe in Santa Claus!

Molly's first visit with Santa Claus was SO sweet!  We were just shopping in a local department store and did not have any intention on getting our photo with Santa, he just snuck up on us.  She had a whole 'Santa outfit' to wear for this occasion, but the surprise of this photo is even better!  Santa and his elves were in the children's department and there were NO LINES, NO CROWDS, or anything.  Molly ran right up to him, got in his lap, and just stared at him.  It was so sweet.  The photographer took about 10 photos and I loved them all, but at $14.95 each, I decided on just this one.  I love how she is eye-ing him.  She was really checking him out.  We seriously stayed there for about 20 minutes, while I looked at the pictures she played with some toys they had under the tree, keeping a watchful eye on Santa the whole time.  Then she would run back and climb in Santa's lap again.  She hugged and kissed him goodbye.  I was shocked she wasn't scared of him or apprehensive at all.  I'm so glad her first Santa visit turned out like this.  She thought he was there just for her! ha!

*Notice, it wasn't the best backdrop with the horizontal line going across the back and it wasn't the most professional staff...notice the coke bottle on the floor beside Santa.:(  But they were very nice, so I guess that is all that matters.


Jill said...

I LOVE this photo, the coke bottle and all. Molly's expression is so funny.

Angie said...

He's such a sweet looking Santa! Love it!

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