Thursday, November 11, 2010

some of our thanksgiving clothes...

every girl under 4 needs some turkey bows!!

and a pumpkin patch dress w/ pumpkin bows

my goodwill find...a fall leaf dress

aunt ambre got her this CUTE turkey shirt!

my personal favorite..."everyone is thankful for me" shirt!
fear not, there are a few more outifts for thanksgiving to come.  and then the day after thanksgiving we have to start wearing our christmas selections because the child has over 20 outfits for christmas!  do you think i went a little overboard?  i just didn't realize it until i washed them all and hung them in her closet and was like...oh my, this is a little much!  but most of them she can were for a couple years.

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Shauna and MacLean said...

Very cute, love the outfits, I remember the days. Now it is much different. I must tell you that we have been keeping our eye on Tennessee in the football standings. My sister works at Boston College and my brother in law is a football coach at Harvard so we do love the game! Love the blog Amy! Also love seeing the sweet Molly!

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