Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

on Christmas Eve I had so many things I wanted to do to lay the foundation for our Christmas traditions
first on the list was to make some cookies for Santa...

like most girls, molly loves to be right by my side in the kitchen
it is fun to have a cooking partner
christmas morning muffins

ready to bake the cookies
but first a little taste

icing for the cookies
after getting everything ready at home we got ready for Christmas Eve service at my home church
we went with my granny
of course, she looked so festive in her red christmas eve dress

trying to get a picture together is really hard these days
i have looked so bad throughout the entire time for makeup!  i can't even believe myself!

at home we had christmas eve you can see she did not like the red hots! ha!

madison and eddie came over to help make and spread the reindeer food on the yard

she opened one gift on christmas eve which will always be her annual christmas pj's

this year i bought a beautiful green gown  with santa appliques on it, she may be able to wear it next year also.

then, aunt nancy came over (our across the street neighbor) to read twas the night before christmas

cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer...all ready

this is her christmas eve pillow case i bought at a little boutique last year in hopes i would have a little one to use wish came true!  it's supposed to bring sweet dreams and a peaceful night sleep on christmas eve.
she's pretending to "sleep" here

such a ham!


Cheryl said...

When I saw the 1st pic, I thought Molly has grown in the past few days or your cabinets were really low. Then I saw the step stool. lol

Love the pic and yes your prayers and wish has come true.

groovy mama said...

SWEET pics, but really do they make a 'pillow case' for us moms that bring sweet dreams every night???

you girls have too much fun, what a great mom you are!

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