Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day 2010
i have built up this christmas morning in my head and dreams for so long i could hardly sleep on christmas eve myself!  i couldn't wait for molly to see her gifts from santa and had to seriously hold myself back from breaking into 'santas closet' before the big day.
i'll have to say the morning with molly all to myself was absolutely magical and a real dream come true!  
i'm so blessed!  it sounds cliche, but really i feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to celebrate this christmas as a mother.  i know many of you who read this blog may be waiting for your adoption to finalize, struggling with fertility problems, or just single and want to be a mom someday.  my heart goes out to you because it's especially hard to be without a child {when that is your hearts desire} at christmas time regardless of if you are single or married.  everything about this holiday is centered around kids as it should be.  and for many years i made plans in my head for Christmases that were yet to come.  I purchased things that I've finally been able to use with Molly this year and that has filled my heart with joy! 
to see christmas through the eyes of my two year old daughter...priceless!

santa came!  he arranged everything so nicely!

molly went straight to the grocery cart first
then, the highchair
i just sat back and watched her take it all in one present at a time
which took her two hours because she had to stop and play with everything not realizing there was more
some of her favorite movies and books

giving her baby medicine from her new doctor's kit
then putting her to sleep
'rocking' her baby
the highchair was a big hit!

finding the stocking

stickers...a big hit!
christmas morning breakfast...eggs, cheese grits, ambrosia salad, muffins, and sausage pizzas
the aftermath...
she took a good nap on christmas afternoon before we headed out to grandma sherrill's house for lunch
we had a really beautiful snow on christmas day!

at grandma's house the kids LOVE to play on her nicely made beds with all of grandma's porcelain dolls!

these two pictures crack me up!  look what eddie is holding....
that gun in front of his face for a christmas funny!  a classic!
with mama maze
molly and i had such a fun time today staying in our pj's all day {as it continued to snow some more!} and play with all of her toys.  she seriously can stay occupied with all of her doll paraphernalia for over an hour which i find quite amazing for a two year old.  she will undress them, diaper them, feed them, "shop" with them in the grocery cart, read to them, sing to them, and put them to bed.  it's so darn cute i could watch her all day long!  while she has played i have started to put all the christmas away and get the house back to "normal".  i should be done with that tomorrow.  i want to enjoy my week with molly and not have house chores hanging over my head!


Cheryl said...

I bet she was surprised and such an exciting morning. Don't know how in the world she was able to take a nap. Love all the pics, thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

Amy!!! What a perfect Christmas. You're right, Santa did a great job at arranging the gifts so nicely.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. I like your Diet Coke ornament!

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