Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes

I bought stocking at Target last year on clearance...they just happened to have my two colors (pink and green) from the Shabby Chic line and love them!
Last year I had two small Christmas trees that I adored, but they were not pre-lit and because they were so small it was really hard to light them without the cords showing very much.  So this summer I cleaned out and gave those to Goodwill in hopes to purchase two prelit trees this year.  I never found what I was looking for, so I just decided to use mom's tree which is prelit.  She didn't want to decorate this year and loaned it to me.  It's really too big for my space, but it is a beautiful tree.

Is the Elf on the Shelf at your house this year?

I'm using some place card holders as photo holders here.  I love getting Christmas cards and catching up with friends and family this time of year!

Some of my favorite ornaments...
I love these little crochet ice skates, they are from my grandmother.

If you are from Tennessee, you must have Elvis on your tree!!  All of my girlfriends went to Graceland one Christmas (very fun) and we got these ornaments that spells his name.  We each got one letter so when we decorate our trees we remember that getaway.  The stain glass drum beside him is about 35 years old, from my mom.  It was from one of the first Christmas Villages my mom ever went to.
Again, an ornament from the girls...we give lots of ornaments!

This is from Eddie and Ambre's wedding in Jamaica about 8 years ago????  (Sorry guys, when were you married?)  It was beautiful, a great place for a beach wedding!

A glass ornament for my hometown

I've had this little lucky ladybug ornament for 5 years as I journeyed through adoption!  So happy this year it has come to an end!

Teacher ornaments, I love them!

Mickey Mouse

This contains Eddie and Madison's letters to Santa from last year!

I have several of these handmade crochet ornaments from my grandmother...very vintage!

A reminder of China

I got this ornament last year, my first year in my new home

Disney Vacation

A Hersey Kiss from Hershey, Pennsylvania!  I love this one!

The best Christmas Decoration around  my house this year....


Suzanne said...

Hey, Amy...
I know it is truly the MOST Most Wonderful Time of the Year at your house. :)

I love all of your pictures and posts.

I have a question...what kind of camera do you have...brand, style, etc. Your pictures are so great!
My digital camera (the tiny one I had) just gave out last Christmas and so I've been relying on Video and on the kindness of friends and some throw-away cameras this past year...not fun. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new one and I'd like a really, really good one that will last and provide super pictures.
Sure you wanted all of that sob story. :)
At your convenience, would you let me know what kind you have?

Hope you're enjoying this Cozy Snow Day with your girl.


Nikki said...

Love your tree! And I agree - your pictures are super sharp. Nice job!

3 Peanuts said...

Your tree looks great and it does not look too big for the space at all. Love all your ornaments.

Danielle Moss said...

Looks so great! I love Christmas!

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