Friday, December 17, 2010

two peas in a pod

these pictures were from back in October
but i wanted to post them to remember
how much molly looks up to madison
she mimics her and imitates her all the time when they are around each other
when we are at home she is always talking about madison
she thinks she is a "big girl" like madison
it's so cute!

on another note...last night at supper i was about to get up to get molly more noodles and molly told me to 
"sit back down"
it was so funny!  
other cute things she says right now:
"minus" for our neighbors cat linus
"pants" for our neighbor lance
"teep" for teeth
"dome" for done

this morning when she woke up she looked outside and said, "where did the snow go?"
is it just me or is this child a genius?! ha!  
i just thought it was very good problem solving skills for her to rationalize the fact that there has been snow on the ground and now it's gone
but, i guess i am biased!

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Well I think she is brillant too! So missing our planned time together but the double ear infection had another plan. BOOOOOO Enjoy your Christmas if we don't talk before - remember every moment of it as it will be so special this year. Love yall,
Tricia and Maggie

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