Wednesday, December 29, 2010

molly's first hair cut---not a fan!

today was molly's first hair cut
as you can see it started out good {in the car}
and ended very sad
i couldn't help laughing
although i didn't want her to be sad
but her face in these pictures is hilarious!
we're lucky the lady cut anything at all
she screamed and cried the entire time
i was so embarrased
and it is very uncharacteristic of her to be whiny and crying so much
but anytime someone attempts to do something she thinks i should do she breaks down
when we go to the grocery, she won't let the worker push the buggy to the car she only wants my hands on the buggy
i guess it's just a developmental thing
i'm so glad she's that bonded with me
it's s a sign she has made huge progress in attachment, that is for sure!


Mrs. McAnally said...

So cute!!! I have pictures of both my boys bawling during their first hair cuts. They screamed despite being held on my lap during the whole thing. Neither one of them liked the clippers for years! I hated to have Cole's curls cut off, and he looked so grown up after. Molly looks like a little lady.

Shauna and MacLean said...

I remember this time in my life and when macLean was crying the gave her a sucker and she cried more because it was covered in hair!! Wow she does look sweet!

Angie said...

Totally pitiful. How could you torture her so?!?!?! Love the haircut, though...totally worth it! I can't wait for em's to get a little longer!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness... I'm laughing too. Poor Molly.

Laurie said...

Those are the saddest pictures ever! Poor thing! But I gotta say, the end result was worth it- I LOVE her new bob- very cute!!

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