Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day fun!

what a wonderful, glorious snow day we had today!!
i was so excited, i'm sure i was happier than any of the kiddos in my classroom to wake up to a lot of snow
molly and i got up, dressed in many warm layers, and were out by 10:00
apparently the rest of the neighborhood was sleeping in because we were the only ones out sledding!
we had a great time
this was molly's first sledding experience
each time she got down the hill she said, "faster, mommy"!
it was so cute!

we made snow angels

and tried the snow

came home to our snowman mugs and hot cocoa waiting on us
we had a snow day picnic in front of the warm fire and read books

we are looking forward to snow day #2 tomorrow!!


Angie said...

Dontcha just LOVE snow days??? Us too! Although Emma does NOT like playing in the snow. Hoping she will grow to love it!

Are you already called out for tomorrow? We aren' it too much to hope????

Have fun!

Becky said...

My son loved the book Corduroy! He is now a married adult with 3 children and still has his Corduroy bear!

Shauna and MacLean said...

Oh my gosh we have tons of snow but not one snow day yet! I guess the cold snowy Canadian North has to suck it up! Enjoy your days. Do you have to make them up??? We never do but mind you we only get one every few years. We all have snow tires on our cars! Love the collage of pictures!

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