Monday, January 10, 2011

sunday, granny's birthday

i wanted to post these pictures of molly's sunday coat
isn't it precious?  
i bought it at a consignment store for $12
of course, she would not look at the camera and i was rushing to get to church on time

after church we had a birthday lunch for granny
molly got a little carried away with the icing on the cake
but isn't her dress adorable?
i didn't get a picture of the whole thing
but, it was one of madison's dresses and i'm so glad we were able to use it this year

molly loves books
so she asked granny to read her a few
i think granny goes through lots of books at naptime with ms. molly

molly was a little more talkative today in church
i hope she will get into the routine of church and realize she has to be "quiet"
i gave her bubble gum halfway through just to 'shut her up 'ha!
someone once told me the key to training kids to sit in church is to never take them out once you are seated
if they realize they can get rowdy and you will leave then it's all over
we'll see how long we can make it without disturbing those around us too much

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