Saturday, March 19, 2011

gettin' ready for church

see this little pink backpack?
it is my best friend on sundays!
i still haven't forced molly to stay in the nursery during worship on sunday mornings
so i brave it and take her with me
she's just not down with the idea of staying with strangers in a strange place yet
or maybe it's me being overprotective? works for us and sometimes i actually get to hear a few words of the sermon!

so how do i get a 2.5 year old to sit still for an hour?
well, the first half of church is up and down with music, announcements, and other short things
so really, i'm only holding her hostage for 30 minutes.
she LOVES the music and singing, so that part is ok.
for the remainder of the time i pack her "church bag" (as we've titled this polka dot backpack) with lots of silent activies.
things like, stickers, a small notebook, pipe cleaners, lacing games, crackers, and a drink
these things usually work and i only let her get into the bag on sundays at church or else all of the "magic" disappears.
still, sometimes she has an outburt, like during the prayer she hollers out "i don't want to pray"!!!
after i crawled under the pew i politely told her we don't shout in church!
we're still working on a regular routine, but are getting better!

barney and baby bop stay in the car

gum is usually a BIG lifesaver!  it keeps her quiet!

her farm animal dress

i love this navy coat and she has almost outgrown it:(

of course, you know she wouldn't smile at the camera!

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