Saturday, March 19, 2011

What 2 1/2 looks like....

March 19....Molly is  2 and a half today!
This is what it looks like on you, Ms. Molly

How much can I say....INDEPENDENT?  some may say stubborn or strong willed.  But the fact is you are going to do everything on your own and on your own time.  You are fiercely independent.  From getting into your high chair, car seat, to using the bathroom on your own, putting on your socks, panties, pants, and shoes, you do it all and most of the time you do it correctly.  I'm trying to convince myself this independence and extra strong will are going to be of much benefit when you are older.  Please don't make a liar out of your mama!!

You love music, singing, and BARNEY right now.  You enjoy going to Mama Maze's daycare and being with the kids there.  Although right now you are being sort of a...bully:(  You seem to pick on one little girl and we discuss it everynight..."you don't hit, you don't push, these are your friends.  But when all is said and done, when you have the urge you just go ahead and hit, push, or shove.  We have to work on that!

You are content to be at home on weekends or other days off work.  You are usually right by my side whether I'm cleaning, cooking, or  doing laundry.  You love to hop and jump all over the place and anytime you are on the counter or changing table you insist on jumping down to the floor while holding my hands of course.  You prefer to take bubble baths in my large whirlpool tub and you don't like getting water in your eyes when I'm rinsing your hair. 

You are obsessed with 'nanaids', lotion, and cream medicines.

You wear a size 2T and a size 6W in shoes.

We're trying to correct your walk by wearing braces on both feet each day.  You like to "help" me put them on, but usually take them off yourself at daycare.  You have one more "small" surgery on your foot coming up in April.  I hope you will always be strong willed and confident in your amazing beauty both inside and out and will not be discouraged that your hands and feet are different. 

I have your 3rd birthday party planned out in my head.  I think you are going to love it.  I will get the final details mapped out this summer.  I love planning celebrations with you!

I don't know where the time has gone...6 months have passed since we celebrated your 2nd birthday.  You are growing so fast right before my eyes.  I wish I could put your energy, excitement, and curiosities all in a time capsule for the years when I forget how much fun 2 years old is.  Before I know it, I'll be celebrating school days, preteen years, prom nights, and college choices.  I just don't want it to pass by so fast!

You totally melt my heart when you come to kiss me, hug me, or "fix" a boo boo I might have.  Most of your sentences end with the word "mom" and I love it!  "Alright, mom?", "Come on, mom!", "Don't mom!", "Gum, mom?", "I don't want to, mom"...

You love being with your cousins, Eddie and Madison.  You absolutely watch every move Madison makes because she's older.  You want to be like her so much.  I pray you three have so much fun as you grow up together because some of my fondest childhood memories are of times playing with my cousins.

Your favorite food or drink is milk.  It's the first thing you ask for each morning and if I let you drink it before bed, you would.  You love milk!  Besides that, you love red fruities, gum, noodles, chips and dips, chicken and noodle soup, and candy.  You are going through a finicky stage right now and are refusing a lot of food.  Normally you have a wider range of acceptable foods.

You hate to wear a diaper to bed (back to the independence thing!).  Most nights I have to check on you 2-4 times to put it back on because you will take it off, fall asleep, then pee in the bed during the night.  You want to wear panties at night, but are still unable to hold your bladder all night.  So this is a tricky situation and I'll be glad when we are past it!

You are amazing!  You make 2 years old fun and exciting, not nearly as "terrible" as some may say it is!  I look forward with expectation to 6 more months of your "twos", but greatly wish I could push slow motion as well!
Love, Mom

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