Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Madison's 5th Birthday!

Madison celebrated her 5th birthday on March 3, 2011
She had a 'pool princess party' last weekend
This indoor pool was at a community center and was so nice
Everyone enjoyed it!

Molly had napped in the car on the way to the party and when she walked in to all of this she was not so sure about it...I was hoping she would go in the pool with the other kids and not embarrass her mom by making me show my fat arse in a bathing suit.  She wouldn't.  So yes, I embarrassed myself!  Don't judge:)

Don't you love the all girl huddle we are having in the background??
The cousins had matching bathing suits from Target.  so cute!

I can't believe my sweet Madison is 5 years old!
She will start Kindergarten this fall and is well on her way to Reading already.
She's so smart and creative, caring, and funny.
I love you, Madison!!!

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