Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zoo Day

on one of my days off during spring break molly and i enjoyed the beautiful spring weather and spent an afternoon at the zoo
it was so fun and beautiful
she loved it!  
this was her 3rd time to the Nashville Zoo

ps, thanks for all the sweet comments here and on facebook about my earlier post!
i'm so happy to say that we had a wonderful and quiet evening tonight.

i told a friend i thought about the events of the morning
somewhere around the time she was throwing herself in the kitchen floor and screaming i thought
it would have been so much easier to just let her wear the tennis shoes and not have forced the rain boots! ha!
was it really worth it?
then...i start to think ahead and ask myself 
will i give her a way out if she talks back to me at 8 years old?
will i give in when she wants to stay up too late talking on the phone at 12 years old?
what about when she wants to wear that inappropriate mini skirt at 16 years old?  will i back down then?
then my mind wonders on....fearful of what the future may hold
i don't want my precious child to turn into a disrespectful, slutty teenager with a potty mouth!
so, i guess i'll keep standing my ground on these little issues while i can because this is what lays the foundation for the bigger issues ahead.

and unless you are living in a bubble you also realize that so many parents do not parent any more.
in most situations, there are no boundaries.
have you seen the sense of entitlement and rudeness so many young people today have?
unfortunately, as a teacher i see it on a daily basis:(

too bad molly has a teacher for a mommy!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

It's a blessing that Molly has you as a teacher mom. Such a perfect pair !

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