Thursday, March 31, 2011

reading with grandma

it has been one month since grandma sherrill was admitted to the rehab facility 
in order to recover from breaking her hip
she doesn't like being there one bit!
every day, several times a day she "packs" her bags 
and tells whoever is listening that is time for her to go home

she claims to have some serious grocery shopping to do
and weeds to pull in her yard

despite where her mind may take her within the course of a day
she ALWAYS remembers that she has a home and
this place IS NOT it! ha!!

she still is unable to walk unassisted
and at 89 years old she'll more than likely be restricted to at least a walker forever
but we just need her to be more stable on her feet in order to take her home
and in order for that to happen she needs to participate well in her therapy sessions
but, i think she is being quite a pill sometimes!

molly always enjoys visiting grandma sherrill 
and she is a favorite guest now at the nursing home/rehab center
she frequently walks into other rooms as we are going down the hall
i think everyone there is just happy to see a toddler for a change!

recently we went to visit and took along some of molly's favorite books to read with grandma
molly has now gotten into "reading" the books after i read them
i find it to be a great lesson in retell and comprehension
as she studies the pictures and "reads" the story as best a two year old can!

molly and grandma shared some cake
molly insisted on "feeding" grandma, but mostly got it in the bed!

she has to take her fum out first!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

So touching that Molly put a great smile on grands face.

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