Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Bunny

are you dying over this adorable picture???
my child...the one who never looks at the camera and smiles!
ha!  she really nailed it this time.
i must admit, there may have been bribery involved, but she did so good today!

at christmas time she had no problem walking up to many different santas and getting her picture taken
but, today she was a little scared of the easter bunny.
she walked up to him at first and walked right back to me!
we shopped around a bit and i talked it up for about 20 minutes
we kept looking at him and looking at others getting their picture taken and finally she was ready.

there were several families in line trying to coax their children to do it too
so she had an audience and they just oooed and awed at her
everyone clapped when she was done
and she didn't even want to leave or get off his lap!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

That is a wonderful pic!
The perfect pose.

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