Saturday, April 16, 2011


friday night was a girl's night out thanks to sweet blogger friend, Laurie.
She emailed to say she had 4 tickets to a wonderful performance of Cinderella
performed by the Nashville Symphony and many talented actors/singers
if I wanted to buy them...for a really good deal I could!
and I have a special place in my heart for them because they granted me $3,000 when I was paper chasing for Molly
They were the only organization I applied to who granted me anything
sadly, I found that most places only give money to married couples who are adopting
that makes me sad:(

I knew about the performance last year, but I has just returned from China and couldn't attend.
It was already sold out this year when I tried to get tickets and I wasn't sure how Molly would do with sitting still for so long.  

Laurie's tickets were about 5 rows back from the stage...perfect seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Being so close to the performers, helped to keep Molly really interested in the entire musical
I don't think she blinked to whole time!

she had a couple outbursts (once with the theme song to barney), but besides that she was really good.
i think I will definitely continue to take her to special outings like this as they happen locally because she truly loves music and we have a great performing arts center and children's theater in nashville.

i want her to have an appreciation for all kinds of art and entertainment
and these events also help her to learn to sit still for an extended period and use self control
sitting with me in church worship services has helped this skill too

i can't wait until christmas time again
 we will definitely take part in many fun events of the season!

molly loves all the princesses
she has seen snow white and beauty and the beast
we've read those stories along with cinderella many times
she hasn't seen the movie yet, but i knew she would really get into the musical because we have read the book so much

our two princesses
molly and madison

madison was excited to be in "the city"

madison walked up to all the princesses, but molly would not:(
it was really crowded, so i didn't have time to talk her into it! ha!

a little gum to 'bribe' them with

just to show...5 rows from the stage
mary beth and steven curtis chapman with their girls

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