Friday, April 1, 2011

look what i found today??

today i recieved the sweetest gift!
a blog friend emailed me this picture and thought it was molly.
i looked at that hairline and immediately knew,
yep, that's my girl!!

it looks like she may be 10 months old here? 
She was in the Jiujiang City Social Welfare Institute in Jiangxi Province
If you know who the other little one may be, please let me know.

The blog and adoption community is a strong one! 
I can't believe we found a little piece of her past online...
thank God for technology and making this possible :)

If you haven't adopted you may not realize the joy in finding these tidbits of history
We are so limited in what we know of our child's past
We're lucky to have the "finding ad", referral pictures, and a few orphange snapshots from before you went to get them.
So, this is a real treasure for molly
I have her finding add (probably her newborn pic)
Her referral pictures (probably 8 months old)
and now I have this one, probably 10-12 months old.

I can't keep from studying it and staring at her sweet face!


Shauna and MacLean said...

You are so blessed. I received only her referral picture just one and have had no other pictures of my sweet girl. she is now 12 and I don't think technology was as popular back in the day!!! Anyway always a joy to see you posting I have finally caught up on my blog and do look forward to coming to Tennessee some day soon. Hoping we can meet.

Angie said...

That is a gift! I am blessed to have several snipits form her orphanage, but would always love more. The orphanage told me her friend's name and I have several pics of them together. I am trying to find her friend with no luck...hope you find this other little bit!

Becky said...

How special. In a way, it is also so sad to look at all the cribs. This is a treasure find.

vivi b. said...

Wahhhh how cute. My niece has Japanese decent so she's chinky and cute pretty much like them! =D

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