Sunday, April 24, 2011

Molly's First Easter Weekend

molly had surgery bright and early on good friday
it was not a good friday for her:(
but hopefully, this will be her last surgery
the doctor had to remove one toenail from her third toe on her right foot
it grew back from last summer and grows sideways and very thick
so it's uncomfortable and needed to be removed.

she was so good that morning all the way through surgery
but when i went into the recovery room she was red hot mad!
she was trying to pull out her iv
tried to remove her bandages
fighting, crying, screaming
it was awful!

they got us out of there speedy fast! ha! 
and once we got home, watched cinderella, drank some milk, and had a nap she was back to her normal self!
her toes are a bit sore, but it hasn't slowed her down!
she's been wearing tennis shoes that are 2 sizes too big to protect her feet a bit.

this is Houdini, trying to escape her bandage when we got sad!

i thought some easter treats may help her recovery!

she wasn't so sure about the easter basket this morning

she finally tore into it and loved the snow white and belle barbie dolls she got!  her first barbies...

some sunglasses
cutest picture ever!
princess t shirt
magnifying glass
we wore her "real" easter dress last sunday because i wasn't sure how she'd feel this week after surgery
well, she felt pretty good but i didn't want to take her to church because she could only wear these big tennis shoes...superficial i know:(
we also had this more casual easter dress for her to wear and it was so cute for today!

check out all of the "smiles"...

she's saying "cheese", but not smiling

our house in spring...everything is so green and pretty
we enjoyed easter lunch at mama maze's with madison and eddie
notice madison's fancy earrings and necklaces!
how cute is this kid??
the 3 musketeers!

we had the easter egg hunt indoors because it was muddy outside and the mosquitoes were bad

it was a great day!
i hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family!

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Jessica said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your children are BEAUTIFUL!

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