Monday, April 18, 2011

easter dress

we had a really full but great sunday
we started out early going to church
she wore her easter dress because i'm not sure she'll feel up to going to church next week after surgery

after church we went to centennial park to feed the ducks and {try}to get some good pictures
that didn't go so well as you will see
but the day is at least documented!

after the park we had a quick picnic lunch and visited with grandma sherrill who really enjoyed seeing ms. molly!
then we went shopping and out to dinner with mama maze to complete a full day!  whew! were we tired!!

i've had this precious easter dress for about 2 years i think just waiting...
and see that gorgeous bow?
yeah, we lost it while shopping today:(
that is a $14 strasburg hairbow and it made me really sad!

the flowers at the park were about 2-3 weeks past their prime and all of the tulips were gone
but it was still a gorgeous day!

1 comment:

KatieB. said...

Haven't commented in awhile, but I'm still reading. Molly is so beautiful and is really growing up. I love her beautiful smile! Sad about the bow, though ;(

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