Thursday, April 28, 2011

the royal wedding

update:  i've been watching all the magnificence of the pre-wedding coverage for an hour...can't wait to see the bride.  it's a real extraordinary event! 

update 2:  my thoughts:   
we should wear hats more
william and harry are handsome
kate is gorgeous
i want a boys choir if i ever get married (maybe without the ruffled collars:)
they are so in love
the service is very spiritual, love that!
i love that royal weddings have one maid of honor/best man and the rest of the "party" are young flower girls and page boys!
i think the middletons have raised wonderful children!! i've got to get ready for school:(

i'm planning on a very early morning to "attend' a very fancy wedding
are you "attending" too?
thanks to my mom, i'm really interested in all things royal
she was slightly obsessed with them too

i remember watching and looking at lots of wedding clips and photos in 1981 of beautiful princess diana
we always really liked her, she was such a princess
and now, i really love this modern day princess as well
i am really hoping they make it, they seem very much in love
and since she's older and a bit wiser than diana was, hopefully the odds are in her favor

i've watched many of the special tv episodes this week in preparation for the royal wedding.
i've got my tea ready along with mini quiche and wedding cookies for my own little reception
i don't think molly will be awake for the festivities, but if she is i'll gladly share in the excitement of the day

enjoy the wedding!

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Suzanne said...

Girl, isn't great to be a virtual guest at this amazing and tender event??!! :)
Praying for their special marriage AND...praying for my single friends who love the Lord and who are seeking Him for the gift of a husband.
May God continue to be the Desire of our Hearts while we wait!
Hey, Women who wait on precious babies from China know how to wait!
That's all I'm sayin'! :)


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