Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal wedding review

i've watched hours and hours of programs and specials about the royal wedding this week
and now i've watched all of the commentary and reviews as well
basically i think everyone agrees that it was perfect!

william seems like such a gentleman and a genuinely wonderful person
kate seems refined, composed, and self assured
oh yeah...and gorgeous!

i loved everything about her dress
the deep neckline, lace, the details
her earrings and tiara were perfect!
she has a great smile...perfect dimple!

and what about these little guys?  they were so adorable and charming!  this blonde boy was so cute!
the girls' great!  love the scalloped detail at the bottom
the queen...for 85 years old!  she looked fabulous!
loved that shade of yellow for a springtime cheery!

and pippa...WOW!  her dress was magnificent as well.  totally simple and chic
and her body....amazing!  i would never know what it must feel like to be that thin!

i love the details around the edges of her dress
and who could not love harry?
he is so handsome and seems funny and never afraid to bend the rules!
what these two have been through together...
clearly kate comes from good genes...her mom looked beautiful in this color

i love how the media kept referring to the middletons as "middle class" even though they are millionaires! ha!
i wish i was "middle class"
i didn't care for camilla's dress and hat as much
i don't think she has the sense of style that came more naturally for diana or kate
and the hats...oh my the hats!
what a fashion statement some of these were...

i couldn't decide if i liked this or not
definitely a fashion statment
i'm leaning towards like...
maybe just because she is so pretty anyway!

these were a few faves...

this blue one again is one i'm wondering about?
love it or hate it?

love this!

but these two girls????
what were they thinking?  i just don't get i
i'm thinking maybe they wanted to look ridiculous since their mom wasn't invited?
they remind me of the two step sisters in cinderella or something
it's just so weird looking and did nothing for them
i think they are pretty girls, but come on!  big disappointment!

what did you think??


groovy mama said...

I would have to agree about the cinderella sisters no to those hats they wore! Who were they?


Becky said...

Groovy mama - they were Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

It was a nice wedding. I loved a lot of the simplicity and style. I am not a frilly person. I agree about Camilla. Like me, she is probably more comfortable in Land's End! She is not physically attractive as and usually seems rather awkward. I wish Will and Kate the best and wished Diana would have been there to witness his big day. She was a mama for sure to those boys.

Mrs. J Taylor said...

I think the two girls look like they were from Whoville. Crazy.

I thought Camilla looked nice. She isn't glamorous like Diana and Carolyn, but she looked pretty. (Gotta have some compassion for those of us who don't like to dress up!)

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