Sunday, May 15, 2011

weekend dresses and hydrangeas

i had to post these pictures of molly in some really cute dresses from this weekend
saturday night we had dinner out and she wore this cute dress i bought from consignment this spring
it is a little big, but once i showed it to her she wouldn't wear anything else

she has started to cross her feet when she sits sometimes
it's so cute!
these cute sandals are from stride rite
everyone needs pink sandals for summer!

the peach dress is a strasburg dress 
and i haven't splurged on a new dress from strasburg since last year this time
i was shopping for a slip 
(which are really hard to find these days for little girls, i guess because they just don't wear dresses like they used to)
but i just think these bishop style, smocked dresses hang better with a slip underneath

the slips were $25 or this dress that came with a slip was on sale for $50
so i went with the dress and she can wear the slip with other dresses this summer
oh yeah, and i *had* to get the matching purse and hair bow too
girls are so expensive!
but it was all so beautiful on her for church today!

this weekend was a bit gloomy and wet, but we managed to work outside for several hours on saturday
there is so much to do and i'm about 1/2 way there...
i trimmed back some bushes/trees that had lots of new growth on them
pulled weeds, planted several things
and got some flower beds ready for the final addition of new dirt and new pine straw for summer

for mother's day, i bought myself 4 new hydrangeas for the side of my house in front of the lattice work
i hope they stay healthy and grow thick and pretty to cover that whole side
i think large hydrangea blooms are so pretty!

this side is finally done along with the front and far side of the house
the backside and porch area are next on my list:)
molly loves "working" outside in the yard with me
she is such a busy bee and will mimic what i'm doing whether it's digging in the dirt or pulling weeds
she's my little shadow doing the same thing
i'll want to read back on this post to remember that when i'm begging her to help me in a few years! ha!

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Becky said...

I love both dresses. We don't have Strausburg in Indiana so would love to visit when we went down South! She looks like a little lady.....

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