Saturday, July 9, 2011

i can't believe how quickly summer is flying by
i've so enjoyed spending every day with my girly
we've lounged around, played outside, learned new games, read a lot, and just spent time together
i have three short weeks in july left and then i have to begin to focus on school again
i'm not looking forward to that transition

i am finishing up some home projects that i've been working on all summer
albeit slowly and steadily
i still have a very long list of things on my to do list

this week i was sidetracked watching all the media coverage of the casey anthony trial
i'm sick of hearing her name now, but the whole story is intriguing
there was no doubt in my mind she is guilty of murder
now she gets to walk free, but i predict she will follow in oj's steps and mess up again in the future
she will see the court room and jail cell again i'm confident of that

one reason i was so interested is because caylee was the same age of molly when it happened
i can't imagine
but, i'm so thankful of my little one
here she is in one of her summer dresses


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I hate to tell you....but she is really starting to look much so so cute!!!

Cheryl said...

Her silly faces are so cute.

paige said...

what a doll baby!!
& her smocked dress is adorable!

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